Below is the tracklisting for the standard version of Push and Shove. Please visit the Special Editions for additional information and International releases.

No Doubt revealed the official tracklisting for Push and Shove on August 11, 2012 via their Facebook.

One song noticiably missing from the track list was "Psycho".

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Push and Shove in stores now

Standard edition Edit

Tracks Length
1. Settle Down 6:01
2. Looking Hot 4:43
3. One More Summer 4:39
4. Push and Shove (featuring Busy Signal and Major Lazer) 5:07
5. Easy 5:10
6. Gravity 4:25
7. Undercover 3:32
8. Undone 4:38
9. Sparkle 4:08
10. Heaven 4:06
11. Dreaming The Same Dream 5:27
Total 51:50

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